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"Life is too short to live it according to someone else's idea."

Jan 17, 2022

Danielle is a self-employed mindset coach and yoga teacher. As a mindset coach, she specialises in self-employed women who can't really get their business off the ground. In addition, she is a qualified yoga teacher and teaches yoga twice a week in Richterswil. Find out how she manages to follow her dreams and be 100% herself. 

Danielle, when did you start doing yoga and what made you do it?

I have been doing On-Off Yoga since 2016. In 2018 I did my first yoga training and then it became regular. What fascinated me most about yoga was the philosophy and spirituality behind it, so it was clear to me to do my training in a traditional school in India. 

What do you find particularly fascinating about yoga and how do you practice it in everyday life?

In traditional yoga, the physical yoga exercises are only an "introduction" to yoga so that we can connect body, mind & soul. From there, it continues into the depths of our subconscious. Yoga at its core is rather a philosophy of life. For me, this means that I am constantly developing and learning. But in the same way, I can let go of the old and "unlearn" certain things that society has taught us. Since I got to know yoga, I am much more balanced and reflective. Life in general has become so much more harmonious.


Has yoga changed your attitude to life, your appearance or your well-being?

Absolutely. Physically and psychologically I became strong, gentle and flexible. I learned to listen more to my heart and trust my intuition.

How often do you teach yoga? Who are your yoga classes suitable for?

I teach twice a week in Richterswil. My yoga classes are rather quiet and therefore suitable for everyone, but still no less strenuous ;-) In the meantime, however, my main business consists of my mindset coaching sessions.


When did you start your own business as a mindset coach and who are your services aimed at?

I have been self-employed on-off since 2016. "On" out of passion, "off" for money reasons. Unfortunately, it didn't really work out, which is why I kept needing freelance & side jobs. Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing because each phase taught me valuable things. Since November 2020 I am 100% self-employed again as a mindset coach & yoga teacher and it is going very well.

99% of my business consists of my coaching services. I specialise in self-employed women who can't really get their business off the ground. Through my Money & Business Mindset Coaching, these women can let go of their blocks & live their dream business. There is nothing better for me! I also offer mindset coaching for women who are not self-employed but looking for a change in life.

What is your goal for your own business?



What would your perfect everyday life look like, or does it already look like?

I can say with great gratitude that my life is already exactly the way I want it to be. Through the mindset work on myself, I was able to create my dream life with a lot of ease and fun. I usually sleep until about 9 o'clock and then first treat myself to a freshly squeezed juice with regional & seasonal vegetables. Then, depending on the volume of clients, I work in my mindset business or do other things I feel like doing such as walking in nature or meeting friends for a coffee. My days are all very different and flexible, which is what I love the most! My main focus is always: what is the most fun and makes me the happiest right now? Then I do that.

Is there anything you would definitely like to do?

In 2023/24 we plan to spend six months travelling through Australia and New Zealand.