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"Yoga is not just asanas - yoga is our whole life."

Apr 07, 2021

"Making porridge to hanging laundry and ironing encompasses YOGA for me. Yoga is not just asanas - yoga is our whole life."

Did you know that Julia has a passion for nutrition in addition to yoga? In this interview Julia tells you why she founded @jogawelt and what her real intention is.  

Dear Julia, how did you get into yoga?

I first heard about yoga about 6 years ago and tried Hatha Yoga for the first time. It really hit me in 2017 in the USA and since then yoga has never let me go. In keeping with the cliché of not wanting to gain weight in the US, I signed up at a gym. After a few days, I realised that the weight room wasn't really my thing. By chance, I became aware of the yoga classes in the studio and attended them almost every day. 

Do you practice other sports and other hobbies?

Yes, of course. In the winter, I love skiing and go ski touring with a passion. But also running and cycling are incredibly fun for me. I'm also really looking forward to the climbing / bouldering / hiking season. Hanging out on the rock and testing my limits is something I especially miss in the winter. In summary, I like everything that can be done in the fresh air and in nature. :)

Cooking and baking are also among my favorite hobbies. I love to create new, exciting, healthy recipes and to pay attention to regional and seasonal foods.

How often do you practice yoga? In which moments is it especially good for you and why?

I practice "On and Off the Mat" yoga daily.

Whereas the phrase "Mindful Living" embodies yoga for me. I think it's incredibly important that my followers and my yogis know that yoga involves much more than just physical exertion or lying around. :) Very mundane things, such as my morning porridge preparation, are a form of meditation for me. Whereas I can do my routine subconsciously, looking forward to my breakfast mostly. Also hanging up the laundry or ironing are everyday things, which I use specifically to give my thoughts a time out - All this includes YOGA for me.

Yoga is also a great practice that allows me to feel really good in my body and to keep myself physically fit. Nevertheless, yoga can never be completely separated from spiritual practice in my eyes. I notice this again and again when I lose balance in everyday life and am no longer in tune with my spirit because I am too intensely focused on the physical aspects of yoga - something is simply missing.

Has yoga changed your outlook on life?

I can answer that with an unequivocal YES. In summary, through yoga I got a totally new view on our existence. I have also improved my body awareness through yoga and learned to listen to my body. In yoga I have found the balance that I had been missing. Yoga is not only asanas - yoga is our whole life.

What made you decide to start J'oga?

To share my passion for our wellbeing, mindful movement and nutrition with those around me and to light that fire.

Originally I did the yoga teacher training just for myself. I wanted to dive deeper into the subject matter and expand my own practice. After completing the training, my friends often asked me for yoga classes and we then practiced garden yoga regularly in the summer. Word spread quickly. So the groups got bigger and bigger and the demand got higher and higher. I enjoyed it a lot and the feedback was totally good. This led to me founding "Julia + Yoga = J'oga" a year later.

What motivated you to start your own blog? What topics would you like to focus on in your blog?

My greatest wish is a rethinking of our society. With my blog I would like to give food for thought and discuss everything that is on my mind at the moment. From current yoga courses, to yoga asanas, to recipes and travel destinations, everything is there. We need to shake each other up and finally realize that our lifestyle is way too wasteful and in some cases unhealthy. We are destroying ourselves...and that is my intention. I want to remind us of the goodness and beauty that is right under our noses, be it regional or seasonal foods, or even (when Corona is over again) regional and beautiful travel destinations. Another big and important part is health on a physical, as well as mental level. So much for that ... but stay tuned - exciting posts will follow continuously.

What are you currently studying (what does it primarily involve) and what do you want to do after graduation?

I study dietetics and learn how to use nutrition as part of medical therapy. I think healthy eating and the use of nutritional therapies are becoming more and more important in modern healthcare and I would like to pass on and impart knowledge in the field of prevention and nutritional therapy.

In connection with your studies in dietetics, why do you see nutrition as a big and important part of our existence and our health?

In a nutshell: self-healing through proper nutrition.

The key to healing lies in the gut. Just as unhealthy eating can make you sick, conscious eating boosts your self-healing power.

You are what you eat. Surely everyone knows this sentence. And it is true. A healthy diet helps to do something good for the body and thus for yourself. Not only your figure will thank you - your mood and general well-being will also be positively influenced. Blood pressure remains stable and the heart healthy. Hair, skin and nails are strengthened and the mood is influenced.

Is there a life motto which accompanies you and you want to betray us?

Happiness is an inside job. (By William Arthur Ward). I think it speaks for itself.

What do you wish for in the future in the next 10 years?


We often forget that we are healthy and that we are well. And that is really my greatest wish.

My tip for beginners and interested people: That's why I recommend you to start with Yoga...

Yoga is a great way to get to know your own body better and to turn into yourself (may sound too spiritual for some, but it's not). I think it's important that you take time for yourself and really stay with your thoughts. Sure climbing, running or reading are also a form of "me-time", but yoga is different. It's hard to describe, but just give it a try.

What are your favourite LUVIYO mat designs / products?

Definitely the Studio Line mat in all colors. The GRIP with the PU surface is unique and withstands any practice. Great recommendation!