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Apr 05, 2022

Earth Day - we only have this one earth

The overconsumption of our society is a massive global problem. If we continue to live as we do now, all other problems pale in comparison to the catastrophic effects on our planet.

Earth Day on April 22 is a reminder of the urgency of climate and environmental protection. More than 175 countries participate in Earth Day with different thematic focuses, actions and events.

The initials of "Earth Day International" were used for the main points:
"E" for Education: People need to appreciate the Earth again. Positive thinking and experiences are needed so that consumers buy high-quality, long-lasting products.
"D" for Dialogue: Action will not tolerate delay because of the environmental degradation already underway. Dialog between the industrialized nations and the Third World is just as important as the exchange among interest groups such as companies, consumers, politics and science.
"I" for initiative: The actions of each individual bring about change and set visible signs.

LUVIYO stands for sustainability

From the very beginning, we at LUVIYO have set ourselves the goal of producing sustainable, durable and high-quality products for all yogis and yoga enthusiasts.
This year's motto for Earth Day in Germany fits the bill perfectly: "Your clothes make the man - sustainable, organic & fair suits you and the earth better".
We implement extensive measures to ensure that our products are produced in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We are open to innovations and are constantly optimizing our procurement, production and sales processes. It is a matter close to our heart to conserve resources, which are becoming increasingly scarce.

What distinguishes LUVIYO products in terms of environmental protection?

1. yoga mats

Our yoga mats are made from recycled PET and biodegradable, sustainably produced natural rubber. The non-slip, absorbent microfiber mix of the yoga mat offers high comfort while practicing your exercises and is completely free of harmful substances.
In the production of our All-in-One and travel yoga mats, 15 recycled PET bottles are used in each case. With your help through the purchase of the yoga mats, 602,330 plastic bottles could already be recycled in this way.

Make an important contribution to the environment and buy sustainable and durable yoga equipment.

2. yoga activewear

A perfect mix of recycled nylon and spandex makes our activewear enormously stretchy and body-shaping. In addition, the fabric is opaque. The Activewear feels buttery soft and unbeatably comfortable.

We ensure that nylon waste is given a second life. The use of this recycled material has great benefits for the environment:
- Recycled nylon requires less water in production than newly produced nylon.
- Power consumption is also lower with recycled nylon.
- For every 10,000 tons of nylon recycled, 70,000 barrels of crude oil can be saved.
- For every 10,000 tons of nylon recycled, 65,000 tons of CO-2 emissions can be saved.
- Overall, we are reducing the impact of nylon on global warming by 90 percent.

Sustainable and fair manufacturing conditions

Our clothes are made in Portugal from thread to finished product, and all within a forty kilometer radius. Fair and sustainable conditions are important to us, so that the ecological footprint is kept as small as possible. A great deal of loving handwork goes into our clothing. Every single piece is personally signed by the respective production employee.

3. loungewear

Our loungewear consists of at least 85 percent organic cotton and a spandex content. The garments are processed to a high quality. The soft, breathable Organic Cotton is completely free of harmful substances and fairly produced. The loungewear is perfect for relaxing or taking a walk after a workout or a day at work.

Organic cotton brings enormous benefits for the environment

- 87% less water consumption than conventionally grown cotton
- 45% less greenhouse gas emissions
- No pesticides and genetic engineering
- Protection of groundwater reserves

4. packing and transportation

Packaging waste should also not be underestimated. We at LUVIYO make sure that the packaging is completely biodegradable. That is why we do not use plastic at all. Our products are transported by rail, the means of transport with the lowest C0-2 emissions.

5. protection for elephants in need

The protection of the species of the gray giants is close to our hearts. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), African forest elephants are only one step away from extinction. The much larger African savanna elephants are also classified as "endangered". If poaching (and climate change) is not massively curbed, the elephants will soon become extinct. Dhe Organizations are fighting ivory poaching, rescuing elephant orphans, and trying to educate the public about the importance of elephants. You rely on donations and sponsors. With every purchase from us you support elephants in need - we forward 10 percent of the profit.

Rethinking consumption to conserve our resources

It is a fundamental challenge for all of us to counteract the depletion of resources. We want to ensure that there are enough raw materials left for future generations and that nature and its diversity are not destroyed. To achieve this, we need to move away from cheap, fast-moving products in favor of long-lasting, high-quality products. Because if you look reality in the eye, the picture is bleak.

Earth Overshoot Day

Every year, the Global Footprint Network uses the Ecological Footprint to calculate when humanity will have used up the resources that nature will restore within a year. In 2020, the day of "overuse" occurred on August 22, 2021 already on July 29.In the 1980s, at least, we only came into deficit in October. The world population is currently using nature about 1.6 times faster than the ecosystem can regenerate.

Tree populations are dwindling, the oceans are being overfished, oil is being extracted in excess and even using the highly environmentally damaging fracking method. Species extinction is progressing, water quality and supplies are declining. Due to the high level of consumption in industrialized and emerging countries, the goal of sufficiently counteracting global warming is not being achieved.


Improve personal footprint

While we are aware that urgent action is needed, we must all pull together. Each of us can contribute daily through decisions and actions to lower the Ecological Footprint indicator and move Earth Overshoot Day back. Under the following link you can determine your personal C02 footprint and find ways to offset it:

Important tips and tricks for everyday life

- Make conscious purchasing decisions
- Leave the car more often
- Reduce own water and energy consumption
- Choose fair trade products
- Pay attention to sustainability

Measures for waste avoidance

1. do not take plastic bags, but take cloth bags, paper bags, shopping basket or box.
2. use reusable packaging - new trend is to use unpackaged food, which you fill into your own storage container on site.
3. try packaging-free alternatives: You can easily make your own shampoo, shower gel, cleanser, etc. using recipes.
4. use reusable cups for coffee or beverages.
6. wear clothes as long as possible

Away from the throwaway society - opportunities for reuse

Clothes or other things that you no longer need, but which are still in order, do not have to end up in the trash. You can give them to the second-handShop , give them away to people in need, or sell them on. 

If the product is broken or has had its day, dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner. Some things can still be refurbished and reused.

- Recycling = waste materials are broken down into their original materials and later returned to the cycle by a new product
- Upcycling = the waste product is creatively reworked into another product