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Why is "Woman Empowerment" close to our hearts?

Mar 06, 2022

LUVIYO is at its core a brand by women, with women, for women. The launch of our first loungewear collection for women and the International Women's Day on 8 March 2022 are perfect to emphasise the relevance of "Woman Empowerment" to our community. We want to encourage every single woman to stand up for herself, to take her life into her own hands and to follow her dreams!

A special day as a symbol of equality between men and women

Since 1911, International Women's Day has sent an important signal to continue working towards gender equality. Equal treatment in terms of basic rights had to be fought hard for and numerous setbacks had to be accepted, especially during National Socialism. It was only later that womankind was able to get involved politically and ensure that better educational opportunities were created. Earning one's own money was a huge step towards more self-determination.

Strengthening autonomy as an important goal

In many countries, there is still a high level of discrimination against girls and women. They live in dependency and are often exposed to abuse and violence. Forced marriage, trafficking in women and forced prostitution are also not uncommon. It is therefore all the more important that people and organisations around the world continue to show solidarity for a self-determined and happy life for women. Everyone can make a contribution to this.

Create new structures for sustainable change

One example of high commitment in this area is actress Emma Watson ("Hermione" from Harry Potter). She has been a special ambassador for UN Women's solidarity movement "HeForShe" since 2014: "Women feel like they need permission to do something. We need to change that."

Watson is concerned that all people have equal conditions for self-realisation in life. She calls on men to work with women to create a fair world and advance equality. She has already won numerous important ambassadors for the project. Only if there is a rethinking in society and politics is sustainable change possible.

Social and economic status

In Germany, too, the female sex is still disadvantaged:

  • Every third woman/girl is a victim of physical or sexual violence in her lifetime, according to the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.
  • Multiple burdens from work, household and childcare ("care work") are much higher than for men
  • In the Corona crisis, mothers reduce their working hours more often than fathers, economic dependence increases
  • Part-time or mini-jobs with low pension provision make old-age poverty primarily female
  • Unfair pay: on average, women earn 19 per cent less for the same work and qualifications
  • Only slow progress in female leadership positions (2019: 29 %)

Women must continue to vehemently defend their interests and rights in the various fields. With certain strategies, they can do a lot for a self-determined and happy life.

Mutual support - networking

It is a great help to exchange ideas and to network.

With colleagues, mothers, friends and counsellors, a network grows over time that provides support. Questions and problems are solved more easily, and nice and helpful contacts are made. Freely according to the motto "Together we are strong".

Encouraging each other in business, looking after the children, talking about intimate topics, laughing with each other, receiving a compliment - all this not only gets you further, but also promotes your mental health.

In addition, women's networks exist in a wide variety of sectors and fields, as associations or on Facebook and other platforms.

Assume self-responsibility

Women empowerment means something like "self-empowerment" and "empowerment". If we want to live a free, self-determined life, we have to stand up for it and act.

We are challenged in every phase of life: Education, job, moving, building a house, raising children, caring for parents. In principle, we never have time, unless we take it. With all the tasks and care for others, we must not lose ourselves in the process.

It is probably in our genes to give more than we take. To live happily in the long run, we have to value ourselves ("self-love"), recognise our true selves and then get out of our comfort zone and dare to do something new.

Build self-confidence

Why do we still not realise our dreams or have remorse about it? The stereotype of our role, upbringing and unconscious beliefs are anchored in us. Yet it is so important to live our potential and use our abilities.

You mean you can't manage to set a new course? Maybe it still needs a little time. Think about which steps are necessary. Where can you get support?

The greatest journey for a self-determined and happy life is the one to yourself.

Find strengths and interests

  • What do you particularly enjoy doing?
  • Where would you like to get involved?
  • What are you good at, what are you talented at?
  • What would you like to do if you had the time?

Listen to your inner voice. You should not compare yourself with others or do something out of their expectations. A coach can help you find your way.

Pursue goals

  • What goal/cause is very important to you?
  • What can you leave out to make time for it?

Write down the pros and cons of each goal. This helps to set your focus. Even if it is difficult, you have to let go of things in order to be free for the new path. Everything will come together piece by piece if you decide to do it wholeheartedly.

Vision Board

With a vision board, you creatively represent your wishes and resolutions. While you let your thoughts run free and design it with colours and materials, you get into a deep connection with yourself. Surprising things emerge that bring you further in your personal development.

You become clear about what you want to take to heart in the near future and integrate into your everyday life. Or you visualise a near goal and represent it for yourself in your own personal way. Through the vision board, you always have your goal in front of you.

Your vision is the beginning of change - the starting signal for your path to a self-determined and happy life.

Get motivated and inspired by daily quotes, women, tasks and stories on Instagram @luviyo! We want to bring our community closer together to encourage a community of amazing women to achieve their dreams.