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Yoga for beginners

Oct 22, 2021

  • Yoga

Yoga for beginners: How to start your new wellness programme

Yoga has only been a popular sport in Europe for a few years and is now experiencing a real boom in the industrialised countries as well due to its balancing effect. But did you know that yoga is actually anything but a new trend?

This relaxing activity, which is good for your body as well as your soul, originates from India and has been practised there for around 3000 to 4000 years.

Equally interesting is that this contemplative time-out is not a sport in the conventional sense. Yoga is rather a philosophical teaching that helps you to maintain a state of intense concentration for as long as possible through meditative exercises.

To make this possible, numerous exercises - the asanas - have been created that help the body to become more supple, balanced and holistic. The beauty is that most of the exercises are also suitable for beginners.

True to the motto of the ancient yogis, we would like to show you how to get started in yoga. We explain what the different yoga styles are all about and how you can take the first step into your yoga routine with simple exercises.

Why should I do yoga?

Yoga offers you a holistic workout like hardly any other sport. Because here, relaxing breathing and concentration units meet exercises that make you more flexible, strengthen your defences and build up your muscles.

This unique combination offers you a special bottom line effect: you find a point of calm and benefit from an inner balance that accompanies you through the day.

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Spoilt for choice - what styles of yoga are there?

In addition to the classical forms of yoga, there are some new interpretations that incorporate special preferences and further sporting aspects. Fascia yoga, for example, has established itself especially in westernised society. Aerial yoga is particularly popular with younger people, making almost acrobatic demands on the yoga students.

suitable for beginners as well as for advanced yogis. As a yoga beginner, you can best benefit here and explore the holistic effect of the yoga exercises.

Hatha yoga: ideal for yoga beginners and anyone looking for a balance to everyday life

Hatha yoga is the gentlest form of yoga. It is particularly suitable for newcomers, as it combines breathing techniques and asanas - such as the child's pose - and promotes your flexibility. Hatha yoga aims above all to bring body and mind into harmony. Therefore, most of the exercises are quite moderate and easy to perform.

Kundalini Yoga: For the more demanding yogis

In Kundalini yoga, instructors go a big step further in terms of the spiritual level. Meditation, mantras, asanas are just as much a part of a yoga session as a warm-up and relaxation phase. At the centre of Kundalini Yoga, however, is the release of the energy that, according to Kundalini teachings, lies dormant within you - which requires a great deal of concentration and dedication.

Ashtanga Yoga: The Path to Philosophical Teaching

If you want to get moving and test your limits, you can try Ashtanga yoga. This yoga style is characterised by six asana series. These consist of sequences of exercises that can really make you sweat. You will soon notice that not only your body but also your mind benefits from Ashtanga yoga, because it takes a lot of patience to master the series.

How can I learn yoga?

Now you have a good overview of yoga itself. But how exactly can you acquire the yoga basics? Here you have several options to choose from. Since yoga is no longer a niche topic, there are numerous online and offline offers to help you learn:

With like-minded people in the studio: Both fitness studios and special yoga studios offer a wide range of yoga courses. Here you train your asanas, breathing exercises etc. in a small group. Just Google for your city or ask directly at the studio around the corner.

Learn yoga on your own: If you want tolearn yoga on your own, you can find numerous instructions on the internet that impart professional knowledge. Or, for example, take a look at our Yoga Challenges, which are ideal for getting started. Alternatively, you can refer to various books on the subject if you want to learn yoga yourself.

With your personal yoga coach: Of course, you also have the option of booking your own yoga coach. This has the advantage that you can train in a very targeted way and according to your needs. Especially as a yoga beginner, you will be able to familiarise yourself with the yoga basics and quickly see progress. We also recommend that you visit our free online live yoga classes .

 Yoga for absolute beginners with coach

Get ready: How to get in the mood for yoga

To start your own yoga session, you don't need much in the way of equipment and preparation. Comfortable clothing - bare feet or socks are ideal - and a bottle of water or tea at hand are the basics. You will also need a non-slip yoga mat on which to perform your exercises. Depending on the material - or if you are using someone else's mat - it is advisable to place a towel on the mat for protection. For a good yoga class, the atmosphere should be right: Suitable music or soft sounds put you directly in the right mood and help you to concentrate fully on your exercises.

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And this is how you get started

There are some very simple exercises for the home that even absolute yoga beginners can do. So that you can get started in the best possible way, we would like to show you some exercises here that are simple, but still have a lot to offer.

A popular classic among the asanas: The Warrior

  1. Place your legs wide apart and direct your gaze sideways.
  2. Now turn one leg towards you and bend your knee while stretching the other leg and pressing your foot into the floor.
  3. Now stretch your arms parallel to the floor - and don't forget: Keep your back straight.
  4. Tense your body and hold this position for a few seconds. Then you can switch sides.

Time to come down: The dog looking down

  1. For this exercise, first get down on all fours.
  2. Now stand on your legs, stretch them out well and lift your buttocks. Your toes are spread and point forward.
  3. While your gaze is fixed on your yoga mat, now stretch your arms forward and press your hands firmly into the floor.
  4. Do not forget to breathe and hold the position for half a minute.

Breathe deeply: The cobra

  1. For this Asana, lie on your belly and stretch your legs backwards.
  2. Your forearms first lie flat on the floor. Place them on the floor while slowly raising your upper body.
  3. Breathe deeply and stay in this position for one to two minutes.

Learning yoga basics and walking your own path

"The path is the goal" in yoga - and you can follow it at your own pace and according to your own ideas. Choose a yoga style that suits your wishes and demands and decide on a form of learning.

Try it out a bit if you are not sure. Because yoga for beginners only has an optimal effect on body and mind if you feel comfortable during the training. Especially for yoga beginners who are learning the basics, this philosophical teaching often has unexpected things in store.

So get involved in this experience.